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When disaster strikes and your life gets turned upside down, Critical Control responds immediately. We get called for the toughest, dirtiest and most technically challenging jobs that other companies walk away from. Our mission is to get you back into your property or operating your business as quickly as possible and on a predictable timeline. From dependable start times to handling your insurance claims to dedicated project managers, our approach makes a critical diffence to your successful disaster recovery.



You’ve gotten sucked into this world of insurance claims, adjusters, mitigation process and industry lingo. This isn’t most people’s world, and it’s easy to feel like you’ve lost your footing. With our extensive experience and breadth of knowledge, we have reps dedicated to advocating for you on your claim so that you get the coverage and support you deserve from your insurance.


We have teams on standby at all times. So when a disaster strikes, we are ready. Our national response team can deploy within 4 hours of notification, bringing with us semi-trailers full of equipment and mobile response units.


Unlike companies that will keep you on their waitlist for weeks, we are upfront and honest about when we will be able to help you. If we are backlogged, we’ll let you know so that you can have a better shot with another company who may be able to help sooner.


From start to stop. From initial mitigation to reconstruction we can be your one point of contact, eliminating the stress of having to transition and coordinate with multiple parties.


Our teams have over 120 years of combined experience in disaster work. With state of the art equipment and processes, we tackle some of the most complex and challenging projects across the country. Our projects range from multi-story hotels, casinos, wineries, resorts, 100+ unit apartment complexes and office buildings as well as residential disasters.


There’s a reason people trust us. We’ve earned it. Between our 5 star ratings on Google, Yelp, A+ BBB accreditation and hundreds of insurance adjusters, property managers and building owners that rely on us when they are most in need, Critical Control makes it a point to show up when you need us most.


Water damage can happen when you least expect it and depending on the source, may go on unnoticed for some time. It’s important to call in a water damage remediation team as soon as you notice water, water damage, or a leak, both for the health and safety of the members of your household and to prevent any further damage. 

Water damage can have many different causes such as:

Here are some of the most common things we do ASAP:


The first order of business is to make sure that the water has stopped. If the source is from plumbing, we may need to shut off water to the house and examine the pipes near the leak. Determining the source is important because some water may be toxic and will need to be handled in a different way. Sewage back-flow for example, or floodwater may require the use of special equipment and practices to make the home safe to enter again.


If your house was flooded, we may need to bring in a pump to completely remove the water as well as large commercial dehumidifiers and air-movers and ensure that there is no water left. This is important since water left to sit can quickly begin to rust metal, deteriorate wood, and cause dangerous mold and mildew to grow.


If you were lucky enough to discover the water leak right away and call us asap, the damage done may be minimal, if you’ve had a hidden leak going on for days, weeks, or months however, or a flooding issue, the damage may be extensive and could involve not just replacing or repairing faulty pipes, water heaters, etc, but also cleaning or replacing flooring, drywall, and wood. We may need to lift flooring, remove carpeting, remove appliances and baseboard and more to discover the full extent of the damage. These measures are vital to ensure that no area of water damage, no matter how small, is left to spread mold spores or to compromise the integrity of your home.


This may involve some demo work, removing and disposing of drywall, flooring and damaged subflooring, cabinetry in the case of an under sink leak, and then replacing these all with new materials, ensuring that the original integrity and appearance is restored. This could involve painting, replacing the baseboard, carpeting, or flooring, cabinets and restoring the appearance of finish work. In addition to restoring the damaged building itself, we will also restore damaged property where possible. We do what we can do prevent unnecessary replacement of building materials. However, if any rebuilding is needed, from minor to structural damage, we have you covered.

Some building contents such as furniture may be damaged beyond repair and will need to be replaced but others may simply need to be cleaned, dried, and have minor cosmetic touch-ups. Wherever possible, we will preserve and repair your original items without compromising safety.

The Critical Control Family

Critical Control is a truly passionate team and a family dedicated to providing homegrown, local service. We are not a big national company with an impersonal presence. We began as a Sonoma County business and are proud of our North Bay roots. Although we are the fastest gowning remediation company in the area, we keep personal, one-on-one attention on your project as our top priority just as we always have. 



There’s a reason people trust us. We’ve earned it. Between our 5 star ratings on Google, Yelp, A+ BBB accreditation and hundreds of insurance adjusters, property managers and building owners that rely on us when they are most in need, you can rest assured your project is in the best hands possible.