Pharmaceutical Lab, 24/7 Operation




Background: Pharmaceutical laboratory sustained significant damage to structure and contents during flooding. Critical Control was called in to remediate the sensitive pharmaceutical laboratory .
The pharmaceutical laboratory housed significant amounts of sensitive equipment as well as data
and specimens.

Pain Points:
● Sensitive nature of remediating highly critical laboratory assets and specimens.
● Could not shut down operations: Business disruptions minimized as testing was in
progress and had timelines adherence.
● Critical equipment needed to be moved for remediation, without disrupting testing.
● Clean room protocol
● Temperature controlled rooms needed to be dried without surpassing 62𝇈F
● Multiple stakeholders – Headquarters was overseas and spearheaded the mitigation
oversight so Critical Control used a highly collaborative approach with executive teams,
and the senior large loss adjuster to manage all levels of needs.

Peace of mind solution:

  1. Dedicated team work:
    ● Highly specialized team that worked in sensitive environments
    ● During COVID – extra precautions were taken to have team members schedule
    remediating areas of the lab in coordination with their teams testing schedules.
    ● Critical Control’s reconstruction team also had to coordinate rebuilding testing
    rooms with the client’s overseas team.
  2. Ease of business solutions for customer & adjuster:
    ● Leveraging technology to its fullest potential – the off-site adjuster was
    provided with regular 3D mapping to see progress and ensure meetings would be
    effective & collaborative.
    ● Adjuster did not have to come on-site -due to 3D renderings and daily
    ● Helped reconcile claim – Spreadsheets with costs coded, depreciation
    calculations, hours per category for structure and contents were built out to aid
    the adjuster in reconciling the claim effectively during a time of high volume of
    ● The laboratory needed to continue its research and development as strict
    protocols and timelines were in place to monitor progress on its testing. In order
    to have them continue Critical Control worked during off hours and set up
    multiple contaminants throughout the facility to work side by side with the
  3. Critical Control created peace of mind service for all parties:
    ● Successful remediation of 100,000 square foot laboratory
    ● Research and development was able to continue without delays
    ● Ensured all Covid-19 safety protocols were followed
    ● Adjuster received consistent updates and 3D renderings as a site visit was
    not possible
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